Hello, I am

I like to learn so I am always looking for new projects. I'm passionate about software development & strategic planning. Analyzing, solving and automating is what I do best.
I'm always surrounded by incredible people, with whom I have created many projects:

Generative Art

I've been curious about art and specifically generative art for +10 years. I am always exploring generative art inspired by how everything we do is pushed to the point of converting itself into astonishing visual chaos.

If you're into crypto, my work and validated profiles can be currently found here Objkt.com ( TEZ ) and here Foundation ( ETH ).

You can also see and follow my updates on Instagram:


A branding, architecture and software development agency with projects in more than 50 countries around the world. Has won local and international awards.



A software as a service solution for creative agencies helping to manage clients, projects and understand margins improving their business results.



A data-science and visualization consulting company. We have developed projects that help solve data based business problems.



On my free time, I created an insuling dosing automation algorithm for myself in use since 2015. Keeps my HbA1c below 6.0% 💙

Some people contact me for help with diabetes and related technologies. I've prepared a page about that here:

Simpancreas Frequently Asked Questions


Many of the diabetes software tools I've participated in have been created with this non-profit educating patients through data visualization tools.


Contact Me

I like to be contacted for new projects, collaborations, and to speak about:
Innovation, Open-Source and Entrepreneurship.

Here is a list of my talks & media mentions over the years.

If you would like to contact me, please do so through any of the following:
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