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I like to learn so I am always looking for new projects. I'm passionate about software development & strategic planning. Analyzing, solving and automating is what I do best.
I'm always surrounded by incredible people, with whom I have created many projects.
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My art work focuses on "computer art" also commonly known as "generative code" or "creative code". Since 2011, my training as an engineer and software developer has allowed me to explore the encounter between modular structures and organic arrangements in topics related to the perception of time, space, nature, and system dynamics.

In my artistic practice, I mainly explore the means of CNC plotter drawings along with moving image accompanied by synthesized sound.

My work has been selected for:

Tracing the Line. Vetro Editions, 2023.
Processing Community Catalog 2001-2021. Processing Foundation. 2022.
Processing Community Day: An Inventory of Anachronic Practices. Science & Technology Faculty, Coimbra University, Portugal. 2021.

After graduating from college, I began working in the Food & Beverages industry ( PepsiCo ). I developed lots of strategic planning skills and strengthened my coding abilities. In 2008, I met Sebastian & Mike with whom I co-founded Anagrama.

My work at Anagrama has more to do with the management and strategic planning of the business. Along the years we've worked with international companies on projects in more than 60 countries around the world winning awards and recognitions along the way.

A couple of interesting links about our studio:

Anagrama Website.
Communications Arts: Anagrama. An ambitious design firm brings modern sophistication to Monterrey, Mexico, and beyond.
Designboom: Interview with designer Sebastian Padilla of Anagrama.
The Dieline. Studio Spotlight: Anagrama.

While working at Anagrama, I developed our own internal Project Management System. This system handles everything from Customer Relationship Management to creating quotes, then converting those quotes into projects and measuring yields for each product and/or service sold. I began that project in 2011 and then I decided to spin it off as a new company.

Galant was launched in 2015 and our clients include primarily creative agencies in Mexico:
Galant Website.

I've been a person with Type I Diabetes for quite some time now. Back in 2014, tired of the slowness of the medical industry to innovate while blocking innovation at the same time, I teamed up with an incredible community of people to begin creating open source software to help us advance in making our lives safer and easier while living with diabetes.

I created my own inslin dosing algorithm that I still use today keeping my HbA1c below 6.0% 💙

Some people contact me for help with diabetes and related technologies. I've prepared a page about that here:
Simpancreas Frequently Asked Questions

Ken Stack and I created a non profit called Perceptus where we began publishing open source tools for people with Diabetes.

One of our most used tools is a simulator for people with Diabetes that researchers can use for free to test their ideas and innovations instead of paying thousands of dollars for the ones available commercially in hopes of promoting the development of new and better treatment innovations:

Perceptus Website.
Perceptus GitHub.

I've been very lucky and privileged to have been able to learn a lot about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics knowledge in my life. I decided to join DIMEX, a Mexican non profit promoting STEAM education in kids and young people in Mexico.

DIMEX organizes local, regional and national science fairs as well as events promoting STEAM knowledge:

DIMEX Website.

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I like to be contacted for new projects, collaborations, and to speak about:
Innovation, Open-Source and Entrepreneurship.

Here is a list of my talks & media mentions over the years.

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