Generative Artwork

The inspiration from this artwork comes from the Omega illusion created by sunlight refracting through warm air just above the water.

The pen-plotted artwork

The original artwork was conceived as a still image. The physical piece has the following attributes:

— Created from algorithms and rules using the Processing software.

— Output printed on 11x11" Bristol paper ( 270g/m2 ) using a 0.2mm rOtring pen with black archival ink.

A limited edition print of the artwork is optionally included for the first buyer of the NFT on Foundation ( see below ).

You can see detailed pictures of the print artwork on my Instagram profile here.

The animated NFT artwork

As inspiration from the pen-plotted artwork, I created a digital animated NFT.

The animated version was also created on Processing adding a looping mechanism to the code to achieve subtle variations between each of the frames.

The animation will be available on Foundation until auctioned:
Omega NFT on Foundation

The NFT optionally includes a physical limited edition pen-plotted print of the artwork shown above with important considerations as indicated on the NFT sale page.

Contact Me

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Innovation, Open-Source and Entrepreneurship.

Here is a list of my talks & media mentions over the years.

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